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We are an investment company located in the United Kingdom. Our interests are primarily in cryptocurrencies and how businesses and individuals can profit from them.

That lead us into accepting private investments from our partners all over the world in order to expand our working capital and generate extra profits. These extra profits are then shared between the company and the partner investors.

From a lowly team of only 4 crypto traders in 2016, we have grown to over 30 employees in 2019 and still counting. Our customer base has expanded to over 32 countries all over the world and our revenue is a little over $121,000 as at February, 2019.

How it Works?

Go through a simple registration procedure on the website. Choose the investment plan that suits you. Make a deposit. Get profit and withdraw it at your convenience.

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our mission

To steadily increase and continue to work on increasing the volume of trade transactions and the level of liquidity of each of them. For larger-scale cryptographic trading, additional capital is required, which will be used to expand our network of traders, increase the number of transactions and process automation. In addition, additional financial resources will contribute to the modernization of our btc mining equipments, the development of new strategies and business plans, and the introduction of innovative technologies to improve the quality of our services.

We plan to increase working capital through cooperation with private investors. We invite everyone who wants to become our financial partner — to invest their own funds in our highly profitable cryptocurrency investment program, carried out by top experts in their field of activity.

our vision

In the process of trading cryptocurrencies, an important role is assigned to outsourcing companies that provide us with the results of an in-depth analysis of invaluable information about market changes that have arisen as a result of certain economic and political events. Preparation and use of extremely accurate forecasts regarding the fluctuations of different currencies in crypto trading allows us to minimize risks and ensure stable profitability of the company.

The current goal of miners-fund.com is to stabilize the new, higher peaks of the profits by expansion of working capital and proper allocation of available financial resources. That’s why; we are open to promising and mutually beneficial cooperation with each of you — take a direct part in the creation of the future financial industry right now.