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We invite you to the world of digital currencies. Make constant earnings from btc mining and cryptocurrency trading without any mining equipment or trading experience.

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about miners-fund.com

The Miners-fund platform was created and is managed by a very experienced group of programmers, traders, and cryptocurrency specialists. It has been built completely from the ground up, enhancing stability, security, and safety of investments withheld by the platform.

We engage primarily in btc mining and crypto trading through which we generate enough profits for our investors.

Every dime you invest with us goes straight to either our btc mining farms or to our crypto trading business from which we generate profits which you can withdraw staright from your dashboard.

For participation in our partner program you don't need to have your own deposit. You earn referral commission is paid directly into you e-currency account instantly.
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Apr 14, 2016
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total Accounts
$ 126,753
total Deposited
$ 174,927
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Henry $140.00
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setters $180.00
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